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Family businesses never had it so good since private equity investors realised they are an extremely lucrative investment option. But don’t jump in, says François de Visscher, do your research and make sure you choose the right partner for your particular business

Introducing private equity into a business can make a world of difference in terms of growth propects. 3i's Michael Queen tells Scott McCulloch how, in addition to capital, he can offer well-managed businesses strategic input and access to a global network

As an investment option Lloyds may have been blighted by past events but in recent years it has emerged as a real alternative asset class for both family offices and HNWIs. Nigel Hanbury looks at the risks and rewards of joining the insurance market

India’s burgeoning middle-class, skilled workforce and low cost structure make it a potentially attractive investment arena for HNWIs and family offices. But local expertise is critical for investors to identify opportunities and maximise a company’s performance, writes George Malim

Several factors determine why a family business seeks to attract external capital, ranging from expansion to a change in generational ownership. Mark Dye spoke to John Mackie of Parallel to find out if obtaining private equity is the answer

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