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Finance : Private Banking

There was a time when private bankers only looked after their clients’ money. Today, as Karen Jones reports, not only are the clients themselves changing, but they also require their banker to act as confidant, find them a marriage partner and arrange the stag do

Finance : Private Banking

As the number of high net worth individuals continues to grow at breakneck speed, private banks are beginning to expand into emerging economies. Kamal Mehta looks at what these new clients want and what the banks need to provide

Special Report : Entrepreneurialism In Europe

The rise of emerging economies in Eastern Europe has caught the eye of many an entrepreneur in recent times. Guy Clapperton assesses the current business environment for entrepreneurs across the continent, with particular reference to the East/West divide

Record oil prices mean the number of HNWIs in the Middle East has risen to unprecedented levels and wealth management is now big business. Jane Dellar looks at the services being offered and the impact on the financial services industry globally

In the search for long-term growth, companies today have to consider more than debt financing. With private equity experiencing unprecedented growth, you may require a partner with strategic expertise to help you expand. Marc Smith weighs up the options

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