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Governments in the Middle East have recently removed regulatory obstacles to stock exchange investment, creating a crucial opening for private equity in the region. Andy Rosenbaum looks at how family businesses in the region can benefit

With India and China competing to become the world’s next major superpower – both economically and politically – it remains to be seen who will benefit the most from globalisation. John Adams asks which destination will reap bigger rewards for investors

There’s money to be made from globalisation. Thematic investing allows business families to look at the financial world in a new light, taking advantage of the emerging markets and changing macroeconomic trends. Eric Sarasin explains how business families can profit

Performance at autos giant Ford is at its nadir under CEO Bill Ford. Shareholders are demanding a return on their investment and accusing the family CEO of failing the firm. Is family owner-managership damaging Ford’s bottom line, asks Melanie Stern

Family businesses never had it so good since private equity investors realised they are an extremely lucrative investment option. But don’t jump in, says François de Visscher, do your research and make sure you choose the right partner for your particular business

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