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Asset Management

The ranks of the world’s super wealthy have grown steadily over the past year, says Scott McCulloch. Now all the private banks must do is calculate how to serve them best and do it at a profit

British institutional pension funds are still struggling to marry a growing interest in ethical investments with their perceived fiduciary responsibilities, says Melanie Stern

Preparing a company to globalise its operations depends on the nature of the business and the suitability of its products. George Malim reviews the options open to family firms

GOVERNANCE: long-term success

It takes a lot more than entrepreneurial spirit to sustain a family and its long-term business success – vision, values and planning also play a role. The key, as Amy Braden discovers, is integrating them

Britain’s former primer minister John Major wanted wealth to “cascade down the generations” through pension reforms. Now New Labour is tinkering with future of family wealth. Is your family trust fund safe? Matt Pitcher explains

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