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This summer has proven to be an exciting time with the creation of a major media
powerhouse. The $17 billion merger between family-owned Thomson Financial and Reuters is set to shake up the financial news sector, as Shahnaz Mahmud explains …

News : Trendsetter

There are more millionaires living in America than ever before, and with many putting off retirement wealth preservation is an important issue. Marc Smith reports on the investment habits of the super-rich and finds that all is not as it seems …

Governance : Transitions

When a family decides to sell their business, the transaction that transpires is not purely financial. Fredda Herz Brown and Dennis Jaffe discuss how a family can evolve into a well-structured, diversified, financial entity, working together across generations

Governance : Non-Family CEOs

More and more family businesses are bringing in non-family CEOs to help them grow and succeed. But creating the right environment for them to succeed in is tricky, as Andrew Keyt, Joe Astrachan and Tim Blumentritt discovered in a recent study

News : Talk Of The Town

A museum dedicated solely to news will reopen later this year complete with galleries, theatres and a multi-million-dollar price tag. Marc Smith finds out how some of the world’s most powerful media families helped make it happen

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