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When a family business goes global, by choice or by circumstance, the family could then face the further decision of whether or not to go public. Will this make the business easier to manage or will the family lose control? John A Davis explores …

Reports of corruption and fraud in major businesses have filled the first weeks of the new year with some notable family names being sullied. William Boston examines the implications of corruption allegations at a family business

The long-running saga of whether Rupert Murdoch would choose one his siblings to be his successor finally looks to be over with the appointment of James Murdoch as chairman and CEO for News Corporation Europe and Asia.


A problem for many companies is how to raise liquidity and yet remain private. Michael Fischer discovers that one firm may have found the answer – a little known electronic
market that US businesses are keen to join and competitors are desperate to copy

Qualcomm Inc, the family-owned telecommunications firm has agreed to acquire Atlanta-based Firethorn Holdings, LLC, an industry-leading mobile banking enabler. Qualcomm will pay approximately $210 million in cash for Firethorn

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