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Family Business

Barbara Murray, Editor of Families in Business interviews Alexander Scott and Grant Gordon, respectively Founding Chairman and Director General of the Institute for Family Business (UK). The new organisation will also operate as the UK chapter of the Family Business Network

Krister Ahlstromis a busy man. As head of one of Europe’s biggest independent companies, Finland’s Ahlstrom Corporation, he oversaw enormous change as the business diversified and globalised from its origins in the paper industry.

Surprising realities about large family businesses in France

Jose Ferrer is President of Freixenet SA, the world’s largest sparkling wine producer, with wineries in Spain, France, California and Mexico. As he prepares the next generation for the challenges of working in the family business, he tells us what he encounters during a ‘typical’ working week

Families in Business talks to Peter Leach, Chairman of the Stoy Centre, and co-Chairman of the first FFI conference to be held in Europe

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