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Many social investors today are torn between the need to help others and the desire to make a high return. Is it possible to do both? Shari Berenbach discovers that more and more investors are finding community investing to be the ideal middle ground


Since 1895 Lavazza has been a household name in Italy and remains the country’s most popular
coffee brand. Marc Smith talks to fourth-generation Giuseppe Lavazza about their socially responsible side and how they are pursuing new markets …

Focus : Johnson Publishing Company

Ebony, the iconic African-American magazine, reaches over 12 million readers. But that’s not enough for CEO Linda Johnson Rice. She believes that same audience is ready for a complete Ebony lifestyle from her new consumer products division

News : Talk Of The Town

Family-owned NASCAR racing has found a true legend. Dale Earnhardt lived fast, died young and has now been immortolised in a film about his life. However, as Marc Smith reports, Earnhardt’s legacy also extends to a successful family business empire

Special Report : Entrepreneurialism In Europe

A new breed of entrepreneur is starting to emerge. Equally preoccupied by the social impact of a business as by its profit and loss account, social entrepreneurs are making their mark. Jane Simms is hot on their trail

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