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Real Estate

Round Table : Alternative Investments

Families in Business chaired a roundtable discussion at Campden’s Family Alternative Investment Conference to discuss whether now is a good time for families to purchase AIs, the growing impact of green investments and the asset classes to look out for

Finance : Alternative Investments

Alternative investments are increasingly becoming essential elements of an investor’s portfolio. But what current trends should you be aware of? James Freeman explores what’s hot and what’s not in the world of alternatives …

Despite the political and social problems in the Middle East, Dubai appears to have carved itself an untroubled niche, where foreign investors and residents are able to live and do business with the rest of the world in peace and security. David Nicholson reports

Observers had been convinced he would make it too costly, but Gordon Brown’s thumbs up on the launch of UK real estate investment trusts mean family investors have some new investment options to examine – from both the buy and the sell-side, finds Melanie Stern

Many Swiss and foreign investors are looking to invest in Swiss real estate through collective investment vehicles. Although Switzerland does not offer the option of a REIT, the Swiss real estate investment fund may be more flexible and tax efficient for the investor, explains Stephan Pfenninger

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