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Is passing the baton just a question of the transfer of management responsibility and away we go?

Tom Davidow is founder and principal of Thomas D Davidow & Associates. Dr. Davidow has more than 20 years of experience working with family controlled enterprises. He is based in Brookline, MA.

Observers speculate that Fidel Castro’s brother Raul will usher in open markets, better foreign relations and a ‘nicer’ communist dictatorship for the Cuban people. This is one family business succession that could change everything – or nothing, finds Melanie Stern

At 72 years of age, Nils Larson thought it was too soon to begin the transition of his family’s publishing house to the fourth generation.

Jim, aged 66, is the founding entrepreneur of a successful manufacturing company, with annual sales of $200 million, and has gradually transferred ownership of the business to the second generation. All five siblings, each employed in the company, will eventually own 20% of the business. Apart from their comfortable home, local farmland and $500,000 invested conservatively, all the assets of Jim and his wife Beth have been re-invested in JB Enterprises.

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