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The transition into a subsequent generation is not always as smooth as one would like. Each generation has its own agenda whether it be achieving their individual dreams or taking a step back from the family business. Barbara Murray discusses five separate experiences

There is very little research on the perfect way for an entrepreneur to hand over the reins of their business to their successor. Johan Lambrecht and Jozef Lievens describe the progressive roles an entrepreneur can assume with their heirs

Red Rocket is a $150 million manufacturing and distribution company located on the outskirts of a major American city. The company’s focus is the manufacturing and distribution of children’s toy cars, trucks, ambulances, and helicopters etc.

Karen Vinton is a family business consultant with Vinton Consulting.

If an heir is to be accepted by the workforce as a valid and hard-working employee, they have to prove they can contribute. At the same time they have to lose the old image of themselves as a free-loading teenager. Karen Vinton sets out the steps to success

Parental expectations and tradition can be a heavy mantle for heirs to inherit. Charles Sasse examines the issues that affect business families from the cradle to succession, and offers insights, practical as well as psychological, into how to lighten the load

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