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Tax and Jurisdictions

Investment Professionals (IPRO) has been managing family portfolios in the Indian Ocean and Sub-Saharan African regions since 1992.

Discretionary portfolios exceed US$200 million, with an international client base from Europe, Africa and Mauritius.

With the global economy in a pronounced downswing, the seemingly never-ending rise in real estate values across the world has, in many economies, come to a juddering halt and gone into reverse.

With property markets in freefall, where does this leave the family estate asks James Moore

Private family offices are increasingly being called upon to manage tangible personal property and art collecting has come to be viewed as a legitimate asset diversification strategy.

When should you move your trust from one country to another and what’s the easiest way to do it?

People moving trusts in the US face a multitude of roadblocks. Lee Miller helps you navigate your way.