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Tax and Jurisdictions

When setting up a trust, one of the biggest decisions is choosing a trustee. Who is best able to look after your assets? Simon Rylatt and Geoffrey Todd look at the fundamental questions you must ask before making this vital decision

Family business leaders across the globe are increasingly incorporating ethical wills into their estate plans to communicate their values, hopes, and dreams to future generations. Suzanna de Baca finds out how they can help your estate planning process

Tax and succession planning for family business owners is a constantly evolving area, where new developments can have serious consequences. Families in Business highlights the most recent tax changes in relation to trusts around the globe

Governance : Divorce

Watching a child get married is an emotional time for any parent, especially if you think their partner is unsuitable. But how can you prevent the family business being affected by a potential divorce settlement? Karen Jones explores the growing world of “pre-nups”

Governance : divorce

Divorce has high costs, both monetarily and emotionally. Nowhere is this more true than in the world of family business, as evidenced by some high-profile cases in recent years. Love, power and ownership can all be at stake when family and business split