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Campden Conferences and the BDO Centre for Family Business are launching the first of a series of surveys on international family values. Peter Leach and Juliette Johnson, of BDO, explain the rationale

There are several routes owners can take to sell off the family business. However, the process is not always as straight-forward as some may think.George Malim outlines the best way to please everyone and get the best price before the seller puts their feet up

Selling the family business need not be fraught with problems. If you hire a good outside advisor, you can protect your interests, secure a good deal and continue to manage. John Willert and Brian Silston urge you not to be taken in by misinformation and myth

Family firms are not inherently big risk-takers. Responsibility sits heavily on a leader’s shoulders because they will not want to sacrifice generations of toil. However, caution does not mean a company cannot be successfully competitive, writes George Malim

Learning from and valuing the past, developing on a personal and business level and striving to embrace new concepts are all key to successful growth strategies for family firms. Joachim Schwass summarises the findings of an exhaustive and revealing study

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