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Campden Wealth, in association with Advent Software, has launched an interactive video which aims to offer families and family offices an introduction to technology and how it can enhance the performance of their office. Click on the image to the left.

For many years Walid S Chiniara has been advocating the need to institutionalise and introduce family governance systems for the benefit of the family business community in the Middle East and the GCC region in particular. However, he has a new nemesis - the Initial Public Offering (IPO) advocate.

Novelist Edith Wharton once wrote that the only way not to think about money is to have a great deal of it. While this may have been the case during the US author’s lifetime, which ended just after the Great Depression, wealthy women in the post-credit crunch world are not only thinking hard about the money they have, they are taking control of it too.

In this exclusive roundtable panel discussion with the Coutts Family Business Award Judges, Campden FB finds out what it takes to become a winning family business.

With company results season in full swing, and stockmarkets very much in decline the world over, it is common to hear owners of privately-held family businesses congratulating themselves on not being at the mercy of analysts and quarterly reporting.

In cubism, the artist depicts his subject from a multitude of viewpoints by breaking up, analysing and re-assembling objects in an abstracted form. Leonard and other members of the Lauder family have been doing something similar with the management of Estee Lauder Companies of late, culminating in the accession of non-family member Fabrizio Freda to the CEO position late last week.

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