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Campden Wealth, in association with Advent Software, has launched an interactive video which aims to offer families and family offices an introduction to technology and how it can enhance the performance of their office. Click on the image to the left.

The war of words between the Riggio family and activist investor Ron Burkle came to a head this week at the Barnes & Noble annual general meeting when shareholders voted on Burkle’s proposals to change the company’s governance structure, writes Katie Barker

In the 1980s Japanese companies, buoyed by huge piles of cash and the strongest domestic economy in the world, bought a host of assets in the US and Europe.

More than a third of family businesses and their advisers (family offices) in Europe don’t believe private banks are essential to their wealth management needs, according to a study conducted by Campden Wealth.

A political scandal in the UK involving allegations of phone tapping has pitched two of the great family media dynasties against each other. The outcome could have considerable consequences for both, writes Katie Barker.

Family-controlled businesses in the US are gearing up for new regulations that will see minority shareholders exerting more influence over board appointments, writes David Bain.

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