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  • There is careful planning involved at every stage of the business life-cycle, such as launching new product lines, entering new markets and moving into adjacent industries. An owner-managed business would be adept at managing such transitions, and the rigorous planning that precedes them.

  • Much has been written about "The Great Wealth Transfer" that is expected to happen over the coming years as Baby Boomers pass their wealth to next generations. Both the estimates of what value is to pass, by inheritance or gift, and the timeline over which this is to happen vary widely. 

  • While some financial commentators described the onset of the Covid pandemic in March 2020 as a so-called “Black Swan”—a one-off, rare and unpredictable event—it would appear that what we are dealing with is more of a migratory bird, a “Black Stork” if you like, whose movements recur with an element of (seasonal) regularity, at least until there is a circuit-breaker.

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