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  • With the ability to create everything from human organs to houses, 3D printing is being touted as one of the next big disruptive technologies. CampdenFB looks at whether family offices can mint any money from the industry

  • For many, private jets are seen as the epitome of wealth and luxury – the ultimate status symbol. They are speedy, flexible, convenient and, with so many varieties of design and price, everyone can can experience their dream jet. David Nicholson finds out more …

  • Big business is getting its hands dirty in the name of charity, forming companies whose specific goals are to benefit mankind, all while making a profit. David Nicholson examines the brave new and sometimes controversial world of “for-profit” philanthropy

  • Despite the political and social problems in the Middle East, Dubai appears to have carved itself an untroubled niche, where foreign investors and residents are able to live and do business with the rest of the world in peace and security. David Nicholson reports

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