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  • From donating large sums of cash to re-purposing their family businesses and creating robust investment strategies to create everlasting change, family offices are making a huge impact in a variety of ways. This report Paul Westall, co-founder of the family office recruiter Agreus Group, unpicks the best way for you to follow in their footsteps.

  • When trying to establish cultural fit in your family office, you must first think about your own culture. Defining your own organisational beliefs and the ideal qualities the ideal hire might possess.

  • When hiring for your family office you need to think family first and office second. Can this person take your husband to hospital appointments? Can they jump on a plane without notice to manage your international holdings? Can they watch your daughter’s recital if you are stuck at work or if you can’t make it in, can they take your seat at the table?

  • While investment bankers pull 100-hour weeks in an attempt to claw back any hope of a bonus this season, family office professionals are walking away with 100%, if not 200%, of their annual salary as bonus season closes a successful year for family offices.

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