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  • Competition is hotting up in the wealth management business, which means a greater choice of products, with banks battling for clients. Richard Willsher examines a few of the new entrants, and some old players, and asks what they can offer family businesses

  • Everyone’s talking about India. The world’s largest democracy has forced itself on to the agenda of every business in the western world. So is it the new ‘promised land’ or just the latest conference topic in town, asks Richard Willsher

  • Men still account for the lions’ share of entrepreneurial business, but reports indicate that women are fighting their ground. Research shows that women have the skills, all that’s missing is the confidence. Or perhaps they just don’t want to be involved, says Richard Willsher

  • With the price of gold increasing to over $600 an ounce and the fundamentals underpinning its continued rise still strong, many investors will be considering their returns on this precious metal. So how to go about investing in it? asks Richard Willsher

  • If you need a reasonably risk-averse option for your investment portfolio then gold may be the answer. But how will it function in terms of yield, and as part of the current economic climate? Richard Willsher examines what the future holds for gold

  • The Asian markets are driving some of the well-known global hedge fund indices and appear to offer hedge fund investors rich pickings, but is this really the case and how can the investor identify the real performers, asks Richard Willsher

  • Despite the size and power of some of the larger funds, private equity providers come in all shapes and sizes and may have a variety of investment appetites. But what are the pros and cons of this route for families? Richard Willsher takes a look at the evidence

  • Research suggests that investors are increasing their exposure to real estate. But if that’s where the hot money is going it’s much less clear how to invest, where to get advice and who to work with for the best results, says Richard Willsher

  • Money has been pouring into hedge funds but performance, in general, has been disappointing. Meanwhile new trends are emerging as funds and their investors seek better returns. Richard Willsher reports

  • Private equity can be a useful option for a family business pondering growth strategies or exit plans. But, as Richard Willsher explains, investors will be looking to gain some measure of control

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